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Medusa's Make Up Review

We've had a great response since launching Medusa's Make Up collection to our store. Thanks guys!

For those who haven't seen it yet we had our good friend Stacey (who is a make up QUEEN) do a little review video, and she gave us her honest opinion on some of the products we currently have available.

In this vid Stacey has used the "Stick it" eye shadow primer and "The Fix" glitter adhesive, as well as the loose eye dust colours; Helter Skelter, Silverado and Pink Cadilliac. For the glitter she's used Heavy Metal \m/.

Take a look. It's her first ever youtube review....Love her to bits! Look at her go :)

The music is used with permission by an awesome Aussie hard rock band called "Heaven The Axe" and the song is titled "Enemy". They rock! Check em out on Youtube.

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